Writer’s block? Lost in social media space? Tired of taking selfies?
I can help you with all of those things and much more. This is what I do:



Documenting people & places in their natural habitat


Writing copy for on- and offline media

Art Direction

Creating images, visuals and/or artwork for your brand


Building concepts, ideas and (brand)strategies

Social Media

Helping you to tell your (brand)story on social media

A small selection of some of my recent work


About me

Hi, my name is Emma Brasser. I began my freelance journey in 2016 after years of work experience in Social Media, PR and Advertising for agencies and platforms such as Hyves, MEC and The Gardeners. Since beginning this journey, I have created online content, concepts and photography for various brands, studios & agencies.


The short answer to the casual question  ‘what do you do?’  would be that I’m an all-round Digital Creative. Personally I find this rolls off the tongue a bit easier than copywriter/photographer/social media specialist/concept developer/yoga teacher.


Want to join forces or collaborate? Drop me a message and let’s see what we can do for each other.

Let’s have coffee.